Atlas Festival 6 and 7 September 2014
Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ Amsterdam

In the second Atlas Festival, the Atlas Ensemble welcomes, amongst others, the Indian master of the sarangi Dhruba Ghosh, and the world-famous Armenian duduk-player Gevorg Dabaghian. The 48-hours experience of music without boundaries, offers a combination of traditional and brand-new music. Meetings between musicians from different cultures render unheard new experiences: Indian raga principles, ecstatic playing from the Caucasus, quiet Japanese sounds and thrilling Chinese virtuosity stand alongside Western composition techniques in pieces that are specifically written for the ensemble. 

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programme (may be subject to change)


Double bill
Saturday September 6th 2014 4 pm

The melancholy duduk (Armenia)
Gevorg Dabaghian duduk a.o.

The passion of the Mugam (Azerbeidzjan)
Elshan Mansurov kamancha
Elchin Nagijev tar

Two intriguing musical traditions from the Caucasus are placed next to each other in one double concert. The Armenians are treasurers of a centuries-old musical culture. The melancholy duduk (oboe) represents the voice of the Armenian soul. The world-famous Gevorg Dabaghian knows how to reach to the hearts of the listeners. He plays not only traditional but also contemporary Armenian repertoire.

The Mugam, traditional Azerbeidzjani art music, belongs to the same music culture as the Arabic and Turkish maqam and the Persian dastgah. The musical structure of a mugam serves as the basis for vocal and instrumental compositions. Every mugam is shaped with no less than ten to twenty melodies. Elshan Mansurov and Elchin Nagijev are unequalled virtuoso players on their instruments the kamancha and the tar.


Vergezichten (Views)
Saturday September 6th 2014 8 pm

Atlas Ensemble

For those who are in for surprises: the Atlas Ensemble offers adventure. De music played on this evening, is the harvest of the Atlas Summer Academy. In August composers and instrumentalists from all over the world gather in the Conservatory of Amsterdam. They have an open mind in common, and tend to ignore boundaries.

In an inspiring process of research, mutual learning and experiment, they meet and create, on the basis of different traditions, tone-systems, ideas and insights, new music. Thus arises a programme of only premières for unique combinations of instruments from different cultures, written by composers of just as varied a heritage.


Morningraga (India)
Sunday September 7th 2014 11 am

Dhruba Ghosh sarangi and voice
Niti Ranjan Biswas tabla

The Indian raga is a fascinating phenomenon. Every note and every rhythmical motive has significance. The build-up of a raga and the pure beauty of entangling patterns is hypnotizing. Maestro Dhruba Ghosh and virtuoso Niti Ranjan Biswas offer an enchanting Sunday morning experience with sarangi and tabla.


Kleurcontrasten (Colour contrasts) première-programme
Sunday September 7th 2014 8 pm

Atlas Ensemble

The world swarms with very special instruments, in innumerable variants. They do not only sound fantastic, but look gorgeous and stimulate our imagination: in every instrument you can find a complete culture enclosed. Combining the timbres of instruments from Asia and Europe gives the Atlas Ensemble a unique and rich colour palette.

The world premieres of the three winning pieces in the first Atlas Academy Composition Competition will present the latest harvest of compositions for this unique sound palette. Some say this is the music of the future; it is certain that who is curious, will find something here.