composers and composition students
At the Atlas Lab composers
· work on sketches and pieces in collaboration with the musicians
· learn about various musical traditions and their instruments 
· may contribute to the creation of new intercultural repertoire

musicians and music students
At the Atlas Lab musicians of all instruments
· play new music with intercultural ensemble
· improvise in workshops of various musical traditions
· collaborate with top-soloists and composers from all over the world

musicologists and all other interested
At the Atlas Lab it is possible to attend seminars, (informal) concerts, workshops and to develop research on intercultural topics (articles, interviews, etc.)

auditor participants
All selected participants can attend the activities offered in the Atlas Lab as listeners.

active participants
- composers and musicians can apply to develop a project during the lab (a sketch, experiment or improvisation), leading rehearsal sessions with the soloists/tutors and other participating musicians.

- musicians of all instruments can apply to participate playing.
Applicants' instruments will be available for composers to write for, in addition to the fixed setup of invited soloists/tutors. In case the instrument is demanded for a project, active musicians can be selected to play and collaborate in the rehearsal sessions.

Both active and auditor participants are subject to selection.

selection procedure
The deadline for active applications is June 10. Proposals will be evaluated and the selected candidates will be contacted and assisted to develop further their plans. On July 1 the active participants are expected to deliver a fully detailed project. Composers might be offered pre-fixed instrumentations to work with. Musicians will join composers' projects according to the demand for their instruments.

Application for auditor participants is open until the beginning of the Lab.

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